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Adding that extra oomph in your packaging industry, masterbacthes have a come a long way. Mundhra Masterbatches has extensive resources for use by industrial and consumer product manufacturers to rapidly develop reliable, innovative, and cost-effective products that will give an edge to your products from the competition and provide access to markets with demanding requirements. Our high performance masterbatches and compounds are used in all three segments of the packaging industry:

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• Woven Sacks & Raffia (Super Sacks)
• Chemical Drums
• Jerry Cans
• Paint Pails and Lids
• Lubricant and Oil Pails and Containers
• Material Handling Crates
• Pallets

Protective Packaging:

• Bubble Wrap
• Cling Films
• Expanded PE and PS Foam

Consumer Packaging:

• Cooking Oil Cans
• Soap, Detergent & Shampoo Bottles
• Condiment Bottles
• PET Bottles for Water, Soda and Cola
• Closures and Caps
• Food & Meat Containers
• Thermoformed Consumer Products
• Single & Multilayer Packaging for Food Products
• BOPP Packaging