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We, at Mundhra Masterbatch, have been supplying the plastics processing industry with colour masterbatches, additive masterbatches and combination masterbatches for almost 7 decades. A large selection of Masterbatch standard colours allows our customers a much simpler, faster and less costly processing of the plastics. Decisive for our success is the further development of our core competencies, the chemical formulation of our recipes and the production of masterbatches. Our formulas are improved on an ongoing basis in our own laboratories in compliance with high quality standards.


The quality of our products and services has to meet the highest international and national criteria. Beyond that – and above all – it has to completely fulfil all customer expectations and customer-specific requirements. Tackling such constantly changing challenges successfully requires first and foremost an awareness of quality, which is dynamically cultivated and carried forward by all our employees across the entire Group.


Discover requirements for tailor-made solutions.
Our first step is to get a thorough understanding of your requirements and the end-application of the required product/solution. Mundhra’s discovery & support team will guide you through a questionnaire that has been very thoughtfully curated to help you describe your requirements to the utmost precision. This is the most crucial step as your requirements will form the primitive input for the right product recommendation.


Designing the right product at the first time.
Our discovery team forwards your specific requirements to the R&D team– a group of experienced engineers & colour matching experts. We brainstorm on your requirements through R&D using specialised colour-matching software on spectrophotometer and other sophisticated physical and chemical testing apparatus. Our goal is to design the right product at the first time.


Faster Development of high quality products.
After all the painstaking efforts involved in selecting the right pigments, additives, fillers and other ingredients for the development of customised masterbatch and/or compounds for specialised applications, the duly formulated recipe is run on state-of-the-art equipment like Twin-Screw extruders to develop the final product with foolproof quality control tests. This results in faster delivery of high quality products.


Ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.
Where others stop, our work begins. For most companies developing the right solution and delivering it to the customer marks the end of the process. But for us “your complete satisfaction” marks the end of the process. Our technical & support team works closely with you while you take trials of the product, constantly providing technical support and ensures timely correction of the product if any required. We can proudly say that we may be known for our high-quality products but are better known for the service that we provide to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Why choose us?

The reasons that you should contact us

1. With huge investments in R&D, QC machines and infrastructure, we are committed for excellence in quality, performance and customer service.

2. The only company in India to distribute Universal Masterbatch of Color Service GmBH, Germany.

3. Specialty Base carriers such as PA6, 66, PBT, POM, PMMA, GPPS/HIPS, SAN, ABS, PU, etc.

4. Three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with total covered area of 50000 sq.ft.

5. Total production capacity of 7500 MT per annum.

6. Full in-house testing facilities like MFI, Carbon Black Content Tester, UTM, IZOD, Muffel Furnace, Spectrophotometer (X-Rite), and many others.

7. Ready stock of more than 500 different types of raw material for immediate customer supply, even for huge quantities.

8. Matching and supplying your choice of colour masterbatches from minimum 1kg quantity.

9. 4 Twin-Screw Extruders (from 20mm to 40mm)

10. RAL & Pantone shade equivalent grades.

11. High Speed Mixers.