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A born businessman; his quench for venturing into new businesses is difficult to satiate. In his soaring career so far he has successfully ventured into over 20 varied businesses. Whoa..!! That’s quite a lot to think of in a span of 50 years! A science graduate by education, he always had a flair for chemistry and its profound influence in our day-to-day life. He ventured into the Masterbatch industry in his late 40’s and successfully created a benchmark in the industry in no time. He is also responsible for various international collaborations.

A disciplinarian by nature, he firmly believes in uncompromising quality in everything that he does. He is a man who not just believes in his instincts but purely works on facts & figures backed by in-depth knowledge. It is this attitude that helps him challenge even the most learned & experienced veterans in any industry.

He is the founder of Mundhra Masterbatch and now serving as a Chairman; guiding the entire team Mundhra with his valuable experience and expertise in the industry.


Managing Director

Started his career as a Sales & Marketing executive, he is now the Managing Director of Mundhra Masterbatch; fearlessly steering the company to meet new horizons. “We dare to dream” is what he firmly believed when he was challenged and entrusted with his father’s dream – a lucrative manufacturing business! Coming from a Commerce background, he did not let his inhibitions take over, while taking the plunge. With his intuitive nature and an innate desire for success he did not give himself an option but to succeed! No sooner, he overwhelmed his father by setting up yet another manufacturing unit and now there is no looking back!

“Look for solutions & not for problems!” is what he tells his team as they look up to him for his guidance. With his strong business acumen and invincible marketing skills, he is now driving the company from the front foot with various product innovations and exploring different markets and verticals.

A strong believer in balancing work life and family, he is a dynamic, insightful and influential leader with the ability to operate at both strategic and operational levels. His vision is set and his goals are clear and he is effortlessly working to take the company to the next level.


Chief Strategy Officer

Another feather in the hat of the Mundhra group, she overlooks the Finance division, providing leadership to the board’s Finance and Accounting strategy, to optimise the company’s financial performance and strategic position. Driving all the key processes and ensuring adherence to statutory and regulatory compliances; she ensures that the company financial systems are robust, compliant and support current activities and future growth. Bringing in strong technical inputs from her specialization in IT, she gives an edge to the company by driving all technical decisions and optimizing the business processes with the aid of Information Technology.

‘Perfectionist’ by nature, she believes in doing things right to the utmost precision. Her immense patience and perseverance serves as a boon to the role she plays. With an eye for detail and strong leadership and communication skills, she fully contributes to the development of company strategy across all areas of the business.

She is energetic, dynamic and highly motivated, with an enquiring mind and passion for excellence and innovation, in pursuit of business growth and success.


Plant Head

With strong technical expertise in Plastics to his merit, he is the man responsible for the seamless operations of the plant from production and manufacturing to product quality and on-time delivery to ensuring policies and procedures are strictly followed. He constantly strives to maximize production, fully utilize assets to produce optimal results while minimizing unnecessary costs and maintaining high quality standards. Meeting customer’s expectations is the goal he sets for himself every single day.

‘Actions speak more than words’ – a phrase that rightly describes him as he is a man who believes in proving oneself with results. Diligent and coherent by nature, he keeps abreast with the latest production management best practises and concepts to develop new product strategies.

Self-driven and result-oriented, his focus is to drive continuous improvement and optimization of all production, quality and R&D processes.


Technical Sales Manager

A strong manager who thinks about business the right way, he sets the team true North. Responsible for formulating marketing strategies to meet company’s targets and payment follow-ups, he has helped everyone make thousands of small decisions correctly, and the whole team knows that those decisions support the overall vision of the company. He has been with the company since the inception of Mundhra Masterbatch, and is an excellent manager who listens to the team and isn’t burdened by consistency in the face of new information or compelling logic.

He cares more about getting it right than being the person who is right. He has cultivated excellence in the team by continually meeting high standards, and demanding excellence in the work of others, thus contributed significantly in the growth of Mundhra Masterbatch.

Leading from the front, he sets a personal example in terms of the dedication he puts in his work, his obvious commitment to success, and the consistent quality of his efforts. Moreover, he sets and reinforces high standards in small ways that quickly mount up.


Operations Head

Being one of the oldest employees in the company since 1982, he has worked for various companies in the Mundhra Group. Over the years he has worked as a factory in-charge, worked in the sales division, monitored accounting activities of the company and now, through his loyalty and dedication, he has emerged as an Operations Head of Mundhra Masterbatch.

Coordinating between the sales, accounts, dispatch & logistics team, he is currently responsible for processing customer orders, forward production requests to factory, managing on-time dispatch of material to the customers and resolving their grievances.

He ensures that sales targets are met and is involved in planning daily sales & billing activities, along with payment follow-up of key customers. He has a clear understanding of what customers value, how the value delivery system meets those needs, and the critical elements that need to be actively managed.